Fairview Nursing Home Plaza

Fairview Nursing Plaza is a full-service nursing home facility located in Rockford, Illinois.  They provide many services, including 24-hour nursing care, physical therapy, speech therapy, restorative care and more.

What Should Nursing Home Care Look Like?

Every patient in a nursing home has their unique set of needs and circumstances that require customized nurture and care.  The nursing home patients need and deserve to be treated as individuals with their own personal care plan.  Some nursing homes are better than others in keeping a close eye on the treatment plan that is in place and how it is being implemented on a regular basis.

An atmosphere of respect, dignity and caring should be the standard for all nursing homes.  Ideally, every patient should be seen and carefully evaluated by all of the personnel administering care, including therapists, doctors, nurses and social service professionals.  A concerted approach to patient care provides a system of monitoring that keeps everyone involved and up-to-date with the patient’s status on a regular basis.

Families and nursing home professionals should receive regular updates about how their loved one is doing.  This includes informing caregivers about any changes in medication, progress in therapy, eating patterns, etc.  Family members need to be kept “in the loop” at all times with regards to their loved one.

Many nursing home facilities do not measure up to the standard quality of care that constitute a good retirement home facility.  If your loved one is suffering from  abuse or neglect, call an elder care attorney today for help.

More About Fairview Nursing Plaza

Fairview Nursing Plaza is a 213-bed skilled nursing facility that is nestled in the residential area of Rockford, Illinois.  They offer care for Alzheimers and dementia patients, as well as hospice and respite care.

According to a past report by the Center for Medicare, Fairview Nursing Plaza was reported as having health deficiencies in the past.  They received a below average rating in health deficiency, and an overall much below average rating. More information and a detailed report about this nursing home facility can be found on the Center for Medicare’s website.

Contact Information for Fairview Nursing Plaza

Fairview Nursing Plaza

321 Arnold Avenue
Rockford, Illinois 61108

If you believe your loved one is not getting the care he or she deserves, contact the competent nursing home attorneys at Malman Law for a free consultation.