Gilman Healthcare Center

A 99-bed facility in Gilman, Illinois, Gilman Healthcare Center has previously been rated much below average by Medicare and Medicaid inspectors. There have been reports of the facility’s failure to ensure the grounds are safe from hazards and failure to provide supervision that would prevent avoidable accidents. They have also been cited for not having policies in place that prevent mistreatment, neglect, or abuse of residents and not having policies to protect against theft of resident property. Despite housing fewer residents than the state and national averages, residents at this facility have spent far less time with RNs than state and national averages.

Risk of Accidents

Inspection results in the past have pointed to Gilman Health Center’s failure to make sure that the facility grounds are free from hazards and risks, and the home’s failure to provide supervision that could prevent avoidable accidents. When you or your loved ones are in the care of a nursing home, you should be able to expect that the nursing home is safe. Failure to ensure safety is a sign of nursing home neglect and should be investigated if you think there is a case of it. To get more information on what you should do next, contact a nursing home neglect attorney.

Lack of Abuse Policy

In a previous Medicare report for Gilman Health Center, this nursing home was cited for failing to develop policies that prevent mistreatment, neglect, or abuse of residents. This center also, in the past, failed to have a policy in place that prevented theft of residents’ property. Without a policy in place to prevent neglect, mistreatment, and abuse, it’s uncertain what could be going on at the facility. Nursing home abuse is a serious problem. If you or someone you know has experienced abuse or neglect while staying in this nursing home, contact a nursing home abuse lawyer today.

Shortage of RNs

One of the most important aspects of nursing home care is, obviously, nursing care. Failure to provide this constitutes nursing home neglect. At Gilman Health Center, it has been reported that residents receive less time with RNs than the state and national averages for RN/patient time in nursing homes. These statistics are despite Gilman Health Center housing fewer residents than the state and national averages, as well. Naturally, when your family members are in the care of a nursing home, they should have access to nursing care. If you believe that someone you know has not had appropriate medical care while staying at this home, contact a nursing home neglect lawyer for advice on what you can do.

About Gilman Healthcare Center

With space for 99 residents, Gilman Healthcare Center offers nursing home services. It is a Medicare and Medicaid participant and serves residents of Gilman and its surrounding areas.

Contact Information

1390 South Crescent Street, Box 307
Gilman, IL 60938
Phone: (815) 265-7208

Asking for Assistance

If you know someone who has experienced neglect or abuse while in a nursing home, contact Malman Law. A helpful nursing home abuse lawyer can provide you with the advice you need on how to proceed.

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