Helia Healthcare of Champaign Nursing Home

Located in the heart of Central Illinois, Helia Healthcare of Champaign provides nursing and rehabilitation care to adults, specializing in geriatric care. They also offer rehabilitation services to help short-term residents regain independence through therapy. However, Medicare and Medicaid Services has previously given the facility a much below average rating.

Quality of Care

In reports, Medicare cited Helia Healthcare of Champaign for failing to provide assistance to residents who need help with eating and drinking, grooming, and personal hygiene. They have also issued citations for failure to give residents treatment for existing bed sores. Additionally, there have been reports of residents being dehydrated from not being given adequate fluids. These are basic tenets of nursing care and failure to implement procedures can be an indication of nursing home neglect. Your loved ones should not be subjected to such treatment; contact a nursing home neglect attorney if you think there have been issues of neglect while in the care of Helia Healthcare of Champaign.

Improper Distribution of Medication

Properly administering medical drugs is imperative, and mistakes can cause discomfort, illness, and even death. Helia Healthcare of Champaign was reported for a rate of medication errors higher than acceptable according to Medicare guidelines. Medication mistakes should not be tolerated and can be an indication of nursing home abuse in other areas as well. To find out if you or someone you know have legal recourse, you should talk to a nursing home abuse lawyer.

Complaints from Residents

Residents at Helia Healthcare of Champaign pointed out that the common areas were not free from accident hazards and risks, and that services provided by the facility did not meet professional standards of quality. What’s more, they noted that the facility did not provide medically-related social services, which can be an integral part of a resident’s mental health. Other reports said the facility did not try to resolve resident complaints quickly. All of these are signs of nursing home neglect, which can also include abuse. If someone you love has experienced these or other signs of neglect, contact a nursing home abuse attorney for advice on what you can do.

About Helia Healthcare of Champaign

Helia Healthcare is located in Champaign, in Central Illinois. It has the capacity to house 118 residents, but has an average of 92 residents. It offers nutritional support, therapy programs, restorative nursing, and hospice care.

Contact Information

1915 South Mattis Street
Champaign, IL 61821
Phone: (217) 352-0516

Talk to Someone About Neglect

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