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Heritage Health – Jacksonville Nursing Home

Heritage Health of Jacksonville, Illinois is a nursing home participating in Medicare and Medicaid, with space for up to 185 residents. In the past, inspectors from Medicare have rated this facility as average.  Inspectors have cited this facility for failure to provide the necessary care and services to maintain the highest well being of each resident. This facility has also been cited for failing to keep each resident free from physical restraints, unless needed for medical treatment. Finally, inspectors found that Heritage Health of Jacksonville has, in the past, offered residents less time with RNs as compared to state and national averages.

Lack of Care

One of the issues that Medicare inspectors noted in their reports about this facility was the failure to provide the necessary care and services to maintain the highest possible level of wellbeing of each resident. Residents in nursing care are there because they need assistance to keep their health at an optimal level, and when their needs are not being met, it can be a sign of nursing home neglect. No one deserves to be ignored or not provided with the care they need. If you or a loved one has experienced a lack of care while staying in a nursing facility, don’t hesitate to contact a nursing home neglect lawyer.

Unnecessary Restraints

The Nursing Home Care Act states that residents may not be unnecessarily restrained, either physically or medically. In Medicare reports about this facility, however, inspectors found that this nursing home failed to keep reach resident free from physical restraints unless it was needed for medical treatment. Restraining residents when they do not need to be can be considered nursing home abuse, which is why it’s written in the NHCA that it is prohibited. If you know that this is going on at a nursing home you or someone you care about, you may want to consider speaking to a nursing home abuse lawyer about your options.

Understaffing Concerns

One other concern that came up in reports was that, when compared to state and national averages, residents at this facility have been offered less time with RNs—almost as low as half as much. It’s important for nursing home residents to have quality medical care, which includes spending time with RNs and other medical professionals. When this is not available to them, the quality of their overall care may not be ideal. While nurse practitioners provide a valuable service, residents in these facilities should also have access to RNs. If you feel your situation or a loved one’s situation in a nursing home is lacking quality staffing, contact a nursing home neglect lawyer today.

About Heritage Health – Jacksonville

Heritage Health of Jacksonville, Illinois is a Medicare and Medicaid participant and is located in central Illinois. It has space for up to 185 residents.

Contact Information

873 Grove Street
Jacksonville, IL 62650
Phone: (217) 479-3400

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