Heritage Nursing Home

The Heritage Nursing Home, located in Chicago, Illinois is a 127-bed facility that offers extended stay nursing care for seniors needing varying degrees of residential and medical care. The decision to put loved ones in the care of another is a difficult one, to be sure. Caregivers and family members want to make sure the care they are receiving at the nursing home is an extension of their home care. In the past, there were incidences of problems at the Heritage Nursing Home that were indicated on report by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid. They were as follows:


In the past, the Heritage Nursing Home had past issues concerning the nutritional care of its patients, according to a report from the Centers of Medicare and Medicaid. There were reported incidences of satisfactory food preparation and delivery according to patient needs. 

Meals are an essential component to nursing home care and must be served well to ensure that patients are encouraged to eat their meals. An attorney elder law can give legal help to families who have concerns about proper nutrition for their loved ones.


There were past fire safety violations at the Heritage Nursing Home according to the Centers of Medicare and Medicaid. Working smoke detectors and proper fire extinguishing equipment are essential elements of fire safety and help to ensure the safety of patients, workers and guests in a nursing home facility. 

Building safety is another issue that is of paramount importance for the safety and well being of nursing home residents. Heating and ventilation equipment must be properly installed in order to keep nursing home residents safe and warm.

If there is a suspicion of cases of negligence in your loved one’s nursing home, a nursing home lawyer. 

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Heritage Nursing Home
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When relatives put their loved ones in a nursing home facility, they want them to receive the best possible love, attention and care. If you believe your loved one suffered from neglect, the fine nursing home lawyers at Malman Law can help.  Contact Malman Law for a free consultation at: 1-888-625-6265.