Holly Family Villa Nursing Home

Holy Family Villa is a 99-bed nursing home facility in Palos Park, Illinois. This nursing home provides residential living, therapeutic and specialized medical services.

Nursing Home Standards

There are certain health, safety and environmental standards nursing home facilities must adhere to ensure the well being of the patients.  The standards dictate the basic care that must be provided for each patient in the facility, such as personal grooming, personal care, activities and good medical attention.

Personal Grooming

For some nursing home patients, their quality of life is such that they cannot bathe or dress themselves. They need nursing staff to take care of their personal needs in order to function.  If a nursing home facility does provide this basic standard of care, there may be some form of nursing home neglect occurring.  An Illinois nursing home attorney can help.


When patients are being cared for in a nursing home facility, it is important to be active. Patients who are confined to their bed are not given much opportunity to at least get help walking down the hall or some degree of therapy to avoid painful bed sores and reduce the chance of developing blood clots.

Medical Care

Nursing home patients who have existing medical conditions need to have their medication given and condition appropriately monitored at all times.  Each patient should have their treatment plan supervised and implemented by the medical staff at the facility.  When this does not occur, families may need to consult with a nursing home lawyer for help.

More About Holy Family Villa

In the past, the Center for Medicare has reported that Holy Family Villa received a low rating due to several deficiencies in their facility.  This past report can be found on the website for the Center of Medicare.

Contact Information for Holy Family Villa:

Holy Family Villa

12220 South Will Cook Road
Palos Park, IL  60464

When families realize their loved one has not received the standard nursing home care they deserve, they may wish to consult with an Illinois nursing home attorney.  Malman Law can help.  Contact Malman Law at today for a free consultation.