Home Bridge Nursing Center

With a “below average” rating from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, the Home Bridge Center in Belvidere, IL, has a history of health deficiencies and occasional carelessness to warrant both its rating and, potentially, speedy intervention by a nursing home negligence lawyer.

Inattention to the Details

Home Bridge Center has had a history of overlooking important steps in the care of its residents. In the past, there have been numerous complaints of staff being negligent with their patients’ confidential medical records and private lives, and have had problems with including residents in planning for their own treatment. Additionally, Home Bridge Center has run into problems with properly labeling medication, as well as maintaining records of all patients’ medication.

Our loved ones in nursing homes, as we all know, require a special kind of individual attention, down to the smallest detail. If you think your local nursing home has been careless with its residents, go ahead and call experienced Illinois nursing home abuse attorneys to talk over how to proceed from here.

More Issues with Home Bridge Center

In the past, there has been one notable incident of violent abuse of a Home Bridge Center resident by a staff member — these incidents alone often result in a nursing home abuse lawyer stepping in to help. In the past, centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, has criticized Home Bridge Center for not properly vetting its staff for past abuse charges

If you suspect any unreported abuse, be sure to contact some Illinois nursing home abuse attorneys right away.

Contact Information:

1701 West 5th Avenue

Belvidere, IL 61008


Standing Up for Our Seniors

Giving a voice to neglected or abused seniors has never been easier. Fight back against nursing home abuse and call professional Illinois nursing home negligence attorneys as soon as you start to suspect that a loved one is being mistreated in their retirement community. Contact Malman Law — the consultation will be free of charge.