Lexington Healthcare Center of Lombard

In order to keep nursing homes operating the way they need to, The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services performs inspections at every nursing facility, and rates them based on the quality of environment and resident care. Even though Lexington Health Care Center of Lombard’s overall rating is “average,” the facility was cited for a number of deficiencies in the health and staff inspections, which were ranked “below average.” The deficiencies appeared in the areas of resident care, nutrition and the facility’s environment.

Nursing Home Care Requirements

The Nursing Home Reform Act of 1987 is intended to prevent nursing home staff from engaging in abusive or neglectful behavior. When a nursing home permits any kind of mistreatment of residents in the state of Illinois, an Illinois nursing abuse lawyer can represent all of those who have been harmed. Nursing facilities that house questionable staff behavior need reformation, which a lawyer can help ensure.

In past Medicare reports Lexington Health Care Center was cited for not providing the basic care that allows residents to fully thrive. Residents who required additional assistance in daily feeding and hygiene also did not receive it. The report also determined that the nursing home did not honor individual needs and preferences. These inadequacies and more helped determine the final “below average” health inspection rating.

Environmental Issues

The Medicare reports state that Lexington Health Care Center failed to provide residents with housekeeping and maintenance services. An infection prevention program was also absent from the facility. The construction of the facility was flawed, using unapproved construction materials and containing hallways that failed to block smoke. The building did not have entirely accessible exits as well.

Nursing homes are required to maintain a comfortable and safe area at all times. If a nursing facility is unable to provide for residents in any way, those affected should consult a nursing home attorney for full compensation.

About Lexington Health Care Center of Lombard

A for-profit nursing home facility, Lexington Health Care Center of Lombard contains 215 beds, and offers residents hospice care, psychiatry, wound care and private care services.

Contact Information

2100 South Finley Road
Lombard, IL 60148
Phone: (630) 495-4000

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