Marigold Rehab & HCC Nursing Home

Located in Galesburg, Illinois, Marigold Rehab & HCC is a nursing home with space for up to 172 residents. It is a Medicare and Medicaid participant, and in the past, Medicare inspectors have rated this facility as below average.  The facility has been cited for failing to provide necessary care and services to maintain the highest well being of each resident, including assisting residents who need help with eating, drinking, grooming, and personal or oral hygiene. This nursing home was also cited for failing to immediately notify the resident, the resident’s doctor or a resident’s family member of changes (such as injury or a decline in health) that affect the resident. Finally, Marigold Rehab & HCC was reported as having failed to store, cook and serve food in a safe and clean way.

Providing Complete, Competent Care

One of the essential functions of a nursing home is being able to provide complete, quality care to each and every resident. Unfortunately, that does not always happen. Marigold Rehab & HCC was previously cited for failing to provide the necessary care to residents who need help with eating and drinking, grooming, and personal and oral hygiene. They were also cited for failing to provide the necessary care that would maintain the highest level of wellbeing for the residents. It’s important for the nursing home you or a loved one chooses to be able and willing to provide total care to each resident, in order to maintain optimal levels of health and well being. Failing to do so may be an indication of nursing home neglect.  You do not have to settle for this. If you or someone you know has fallen victim to inadequate care while staying in a nursing facility, contact a nursing home neglect lawyer for help.

Notifying Appropriate Parties of Changes Affecting the Resident

Another important thing that nursing homes absolutely must do is notify appropriate parties of any changes to the resident’s condition. This can be as simple as a room change or as serious as a decline in their health. Failing to notify the resident, the resident’s doctor, or the resident’s family members that there have been changes in the resident’s situation or condition can be a sign of nursing home abuse and should not be ignored. If you have been left out of the important sharing of information when it comes to yourself or someone you know, contact a nursing home abuse lawyer today.

Serving Safe, Healthy Foods

Being served healthy, safely-prepared foods should not be negotiable when someone is in the care of a nursing facility. Marigold Rehab & HCC has previously been found to not serve, store, and cook food in a safe and clean way. Failing to serve safe and clean food, as well as not having clean storage and cooking policies, can lead to health problems within the nursing home, and may be a sign of neglect within the nursing home. If this has been your experience, contacting a nursing home neglect attorney can help you learn about your rights.

About Marigold Rehab & HCC

Marigold Rehab & HCC is a nursing home located in Galesburg, Illinois, and has space for up to 172 residents.  Previously, it has been rated below average by Medicare inspectors.

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275 East Carl Sandburg Drive
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