River Oaks Healthcare Rehab Center

River Oaks Healthcare Rehab Center is located in Burnham, Illinois. This 309-bed nursing home provides comprehensive services for their residents.

Nursing Home Responsibilities

The 1987 Nursing Home Act was passed to protect against nursing home abuse and mistreatment.  Nursing homes are obligated to provide quality care for their residents. Any resident who is victim of neglect or abuse should seek a nursing home negligence compensation lawyer for justice and compensation.

The Nursing Home Act gives nursing home patients many rights, including:

  • Freedom from neglect and abuse
  • Freedom from unnecessary physical restraints
  • The right to be treated with dignity and respect
  • Participation in their own residential care plan and the right to receive updates on changes in care
  • The right to privacy 

To make sure the nursing home is following the right procedures and protocols see how your facility matches up in the following areas:

Sufficient Staff Care

Nursing home patients need constant care and attention.  There needs to be enough staff to meet the various needs of the patients.  It this is not being done and you or your loved one has been neglected, there may be a need to consult with an elder care attorney.

Policies to Protect Patients from Abuse and Neglect

Family members need to find a facility that has strict policies that weed out staff that have legal history of mistreating nursing home patients in any way.  Wrongful, inappropriate care or verbal belittling could occur if patients are placed in the wrong hands.


Fire Safety

Patients need to reside at a facility that is safe, caring and sufficiently fireproof.  If there are noted safety issues that are of concern, an elderly care legal representative can help.

About River Oaks Healthcare Rehab Center

River Oaks Healthcare Rehab Center is a 98-bed nursing home facility located in Burnham, Illinois.  This facility is for-profit and participates in the Medicare and Medicaid programs.


Reported Inadequacies

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid reported in the past that the River Oaks Healthcare Rehab Center had below average health inspection ratings in areas of fire mistreatment, quality care and resident rights.  To learn more about this report, click here.

Contact Information

14500 South Manistee

Burnham, IL  60633

Services Include:

  • Nursing Care
  • Rehabilitation Services
  • Therapy 

Get in touch with a Nursing Home Lawyer in you suspect abuse.  Nursing home residents may not know where to turn if they are suffering from mistreatment and negligence.  If you are a victim or you know someone who is being abused at this facility way, contact Malman Law for a free consultation!