Vermilion Manor Nursing Home

A “much below average” rating was given to Vermilion Manor Nursing Home by Medicare in its past inspection reports. This rating was the result of several areas where deficiencies were found, with a health inspection rating that is also “much below average.” These faults included insufficiency in treatment, care, pharmacy service and others.

Resident Care Quality

In the report, this nursing home was found to have been unable to provide the necessary care for each individual resident, implement policies that prevent harm to residents and property, and keep patients free from unnecessary physical restraint. The facility also failed to give proper notice to residents before roommate or room changes.

These and other deficiencies are what contributed to the poor overall rating, and are violations of the Nursing Home Reform Act of 1987, which was put into action to preserve nursing home resident rights. Nursing home lawyers can represent anyone who feels as if a nursing home in Illinois has allowed abuse and neglect to take place.

Pharmacy and Nutritional Quality

Along with deficient resident care, the report cites this facility for not providing menus that work in the best interest of each resident’s needs, and inspectors also discovered that the home did not ensure on several occasions that residents were safe from errors in medication.

Every resident at a nursing home deserves nothing less than the best care. If you know a nursing home resident is experiencing a violation of their rights, nursing home attorneys will help them in receiving their much owed compensation.

About Vermilion Manor Nursing Home

Containing 237 beds and 24-hour care, Vermilion Manor Nursing Home gives residents services such as social services, respite care, rehabilitation, personal banking, transportation and facility pets.

Contact Information:

14792 Catlin Tilton Road

Danville, IL 61834

(217) 443-6430

Find Solace with the Right Attorney

One of the worst experiences to go through is that of neglect and abuse, and with residents who need extra care it can be even more devastating when they can’t escape it. With the representation provided by one of our nursing home abuse lawyers, Malman Law can be with you every step of the way to see the proper compensation.