Not that there’s ever a time when getting hurt is convenient, but it seems that injuries often happen at the worst possible time. Whether you get into a car accident while driving home late at night, you become injured using a defective product over the holidays or on a weekend, or you are hurt by a doctor’s negligence after surgery, getting help sooner rather than later is ideal when constructing a personal injury or workers’ compensation case in Illinois.

The lawyers at Malman Law know that your injuries don’t care about a schedule, and that’s why we offer as much flexibility as possible. Our injury lawyers are on call in Chicago waiting to help, whether you’re injured at work in the middle of the business day or on Christmas Eve. Give us a call, dial 1-(888) 625-6265 or fill out our free online consultation and one of our skilled, professional lawyers will get back to you quickly to discuss the situation—all at no cost, and with no obligation.

Too often, personal injury clients and Illinois workers’ compensation clients don’t act fast enough to secure legal help, and this can be detrimental. The immediate aftermath of an injury is the best time to get help. Insurance companies spring into action, sending claims adjusters to the scene, taking pictures, collecting witness testimonies and getting statements and signatures—all of which are done in an attempt to limit your options as a victim. Don’t wait too long and increase the chance of making your case more complicated than it needs to be. The longer you wait to retain a qualified personal injury attorney in Illinois, the bigger your chance of making a misstep. Calm your worries, protect your rights and request a free case evaluation today.

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