Who can you sue for wrongful death in a DUI?

When someone is killed in DUI accident, there are several different parties that may be held responsible. Of course, the at-fault driver in the automobile accent can be sued for DUI, reckless driving, manslaughter, etc., but there are other people able to be sued as well, and those people often are.  For example, it’s possible to sue the person(s)/establishment who sold, served, or gave the impaired driver the alcohol. It’s also possible to hold the owner of the premises where the alcohol was served responsible.  In accidents caused not only by a drunk driver but a faulty roadway or broken mechanics in a vehicle, the designer and builder of the road may be sued, as well as the government who was responsible for warning of a road hazard. When someone dies from an accident that was caused by alcohol in combination with something else, there are multiple different people or groups who can be held responsible.

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