Do I have rights when I’ve been bitten by a dog?

Getting bitten by a dog can be frightening and painful, not to mention costly if you have to go to a doctor or hospital. However, you’re not necessarily on the hook for any medical bills you might incur. You have rights if you’ve been bitten by a dog, and it’s important to know what those rights are in the event that you do get bitten. You have the right to file a personal injury claim after being bitten, in an effort to receive compensation for medical treatment, future medical treatment for scar reduction, psychological counseling, loss of earnings, torn clothing or broken glasses, and medications. In order to secure your rights, it’s important to get name information such as name, address, and contact phone number of both the dog’s owner as well as any witnesses. It’s also important to take photos of any injuries you sustain, and if possible, get insurance information from the dog’s owner. Don’t sign anything presented by the owner or their insurance company or landlord, as this may waive your rights.

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