How Much Is My Case Worth?

One of the most common questions our Illinois workers’ compensation and personal injury attorneys get is: “how much is my case worth?” Obviously, there’s no way to determine the answer in the abstract. Each case is different and complex in its own fashion. In fact, if any Chicago personal injury attorney places a value on your claim without listening to the details of your situation, ignore that figure! A wide variety of factors determine settlement amounts and trial verdicts.

These can include:

  • The nature and severity of your injury/injuries
  • Whether or not the liable insurance company accepts fault
  • Your condition following medical treatment
  • Whether or not you’ll need ongoing treatment, such as physical therapy or counseling
  • Whether or not you were partially at fault or negligent
  • Tactics and strategies your attorney employs to negotiate with the insurance company or other liable parties

Here at The Law Offices of Malman Law, our Chicago personal injury attorneys have served over 10,000 clients since we opened our doors in 1994. Some of our clients have collected thousands of dollars. Other clients have collected much more. For a catalog of a few of our six, seven, and eight figure verdicts, see our website, Malman Law.

You and your family want to put this injury behind you as quickly as possible and rebuild your lives. We want to help you. Our Illinois personal injury attorneys strive to be compassionate and efficient. We will fight for your rights and battle at court if necessary (although 95% of our cases are settled out of court). We listen to client concerns and combine our deep understanding of the law (in theory and practice) with impeccable follow through to get results.

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