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Chicago’s Roseland district is home to many of our clients. Over the years we have represented injured victims from Fernwood, Lilydale, Princeton Park,  Rosemoor, Sheldon Heights, West Roseland, West Chesterfield and even Chicago State University.  Like all of our other clients, none of these people paid a dime in legal fees until they won their cases.

Our Zero Fee Guarantee

Here at Malman Law, we are just like anyone else – we don’t like wasting our money. No matter who you are, we’re pretty sure you’re no different. Because of this, and because we win 95 percent of our cases, we charge no upfront fees. If you are like 95 percent of our clients who receive compensation, your legal fees will be deducted from your compensation after it arrives.

In the unlikely event that you are among the five percent who do not recover compensation, your total legal bill will be precisely $0.00. Unlike, for example, an auto insurance company (which loses money when it pays your claim), we only win if you win too. And if you win big, we win too. That’s what puts us on the same side, and we like it that way.

Your Claim Might Be Worth More Than You Think

The human body is fragile – a car accident, a dog bite, medical malpractice, or even an intentional assault can all send you to the hospital. If your injury occurred because of the misconduct of someone else, you have a legal claim for damages under Illinois law. Even if the defendant lacks the financial resources to pay, in many cases an insurance company or an employer, can be compelled to pay. It is our job to make sure that happens, and to make sure you get 100 percent of what you’re entitled to.

What Our Clients Say

Steve and Kelly were great! The entire process moved much faster than we thought it would. We received a nice size settlement. I would highly recommend Malman Law! — Susan

Types of Cases We Handle

Below is only a partial list of the types of claims we handle:

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