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Justice is what we do here at Malman Law. When a personal injury puts you in the hospital, you don’t have to just lie there and take it – at least not if the accident that injured you was caused by the misconduct of someone else. Illinois personal injury law entitles you to compensation, and it might be more than you think. Many of our clients have won multi-million dollar awards.

Your Pain and Suffering Are Worth Something Too

As a personal injury victim, you are normally entitled to to recover more than the amount necessary to pay off your medical bills. In addition to lost earnings and incidental expenses, you may also be eligible to recover for pain and suffering (except for workers’ compensation claims). In fact, intangible damages could amount to more than half of your claim value.

Most of Our Clients Settle out of Court

If you are like most personal injury victims, you do not relish the prospect of appearing in court and perhaps even being subject to cross-examination over your claim. Although we cannot guarantee anything, over 90 percent of our clients never have to go to court. The most common resolution of a claim asserted by one of our clients is an out-of-court settlement.

Our  South Deering Personal Injury Attorneys Try to Settle but We Are Ready to Fight

With our successful trial record, not all that many defendants are willing to face us in court.

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