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Historically, Chicago Unions are a powerful entity with establishedpolitical roots. Nevertheless, union members who have been injured on the job still have strong opponents to contend with. At Malman Law, our worker’s comp lawyers understand that when injury or illness strikes a union worker, the entire family pays the price. If you have suffered an injury that has ended your career, rendered you partially or completely disabled, or has made it temporarily impossible for you to work, we will be your advocates. We will aggressively pursue the repayment you are entitled to, so you can continue to provide for your family long after you have recovered.

Under The Illinois Worker’s Compensation Act, it is illegal to fire, refuse to rehire, or lay off any worker in retaliation for filing a worker’s compensation claim. If this has happened to you, you may be eligible for a large settlement. State law limits the amount of worker’s compensation benefits you can receive, but there is no limit to the amount you can be awarded in a “retaliary discharge” lawsuit. Give us a call today and request a completely confidential case evaluation at no charge.

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While they are technically “working for you”, your insurance company is not going to inform you of all the benefits you qualify for after a job site injury in Chicago. That’s why it’s our job to do the research and uncover just what you are entitled to – and make sure you get it. This could mean anything from employer-sponsored medical care, alternative housing, transportation or even college tuition assistance.

At Malman Law, our veteran work accident attorneys know Illinois worker’s compensation law inside and out. In fact, we have an entire department dedicated to the rights of injured individuals on worker’s compensation. Our firm has represented electricians, tile setters, iron workers, brick layers, carpenters, pipefitters, truck drivers, millwrights, elevator mechanics, sprinkler fitters, painters, teamsters, boilermakers, pile drivers, sheet metal laborers, police officers, firefighters and all other types of Chicago, Illinois union members.

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