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Don’t Let the Other Side Smooth-Talk Your Out of Fair Compensation

Since most personal injury claims are settled out of court, and since most personal injury defendants rely on insurance to pay the claims against them, if you handle your claim on your own you will probably have to negotiate against an insurance company executive. These people are professional negotiators with only one goal – to save money for the insurance company. Hire the trusted and winning West Elsdon personal injury lawyers of Malman Law to negotiate for you.

Insurance Companies Don’t Like Us Very Much

Insurance company executives may be delighted to hear that you are not represented by a lawyer, because they know that you are unlikely to know the real value of your claim. They won’t be happy to hear that you retained Malman Law to represent you, however, because they have probably dealt with us before. That’s OK – our highly experienced West Elsdon personal injury lawyers would rather make you happy than make them happy.

Our Services Are Free Unless You Win

Regardless of whether you deal with an insurance company, the actual defendant, or whether your claim is settled (most likely), or resolved at trial, we offer two guarantees:

(i) we won’t charge you any upfront fees, and
(ii) we’ll never charge you a dime unless we collect for you.

So please feel free to contact us even if your wallet is empty.

More About West Elsdon, Chicago Illinois

Over the years, our West Elsdon clients have come to us suffering from a variety of physical ailments. Some of them were injured in car accidents on Pulaski Road, Central Park Avenue or 60th Street, while others suffered slip and fall accidents or dog bite injuries. What they all have in common is that their injuries were caused by the misconduct of someone else.

Our Main Practice Areas

Following are some examples of the types of personal injury claims that our highly skilled Chicago injury and accident law firm handles:

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