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West Town, a.k.a. Northwest Side, is a world all its own. The area boasts some of the most spectacular religious architecture in the U.S., with opulent cathedrals and churches punctuating the landscape – as Ukrainian Village’s Holy Trinity Russian Orthodox Cathedral and River West’s St. John Cantius church are but two examples. Meanwhile, the Red Square Russian baths add a splash of color.

It’s easy to get lost on the streets of West Town. It is perhaps almost as easy to suffer a sudden accident that could leave you flat on your back in a local hospital. It is then that an unpleasant reality competes with your pain for your attention – medical bills are mounting while you lose work time. If the accident that turned your life upside down was someone else’s fault, you have a personal injury claim.

Justice is Not Automatic

It is true that Illinois personal injury law protects your right to full compensation when you are injured through someone else’s misconduct. Stand on this right and you have a claim. Turning a claim into cash, however, is the tricky part. At Malman Law, turning claims into cash is what we do for a living – to the tune of over $200 million recovered for our clients over 25 years of practice.

Filing a personal injury claim is not like filing a claim in small claims court. Rules of evidence and civil procedure are complex, formalistic, and confusing. Even negotiating an out-of-court settlement with an insurance company invokes this complexity, because no one is going to offer you a decent settlement unless they are convinced you could win in court.

“95” Says It All

Here at Malman Law, 95 is a very special number – 95 is the percentage of cases we win and, coincidentally, 95 is also the percentage of claims that we end up settling out of court. In all likelihood, you will never have to testify in court. We will work hard to obtain the quickest possible settlement for you – but not at the expense of full compensation.

A Word from One of Our Clients

“If anyone has a problem and is in need of help call Malman Law. At Malman Law you are not just a client, you are part of the family.” – Donyell G.

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We handle just about any type of personal injury claim; following are but a few examples:

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