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What are Risks of Summer Driving?

Despite the generally pleasant weather, summertime introduces new risks for drivers everywhere. Many summertime car accidents are preventable, though, and diligence on the road makes everyone safer. If you do end up in a crash, contacting a car accident attorney may be the first logical step in order to getting things back to normal.

Risk Factors

More people are on the road during the summer, going to the beach, taking vacations and setting off on road trips. The sheer volume of traffic in warmer months is partially to blame for the increase of auto accidents. Additionally, some people may be renting cars and using car-sharing services if they don’t own their own, and those people could have significantly less experience behind the wheel than those who drive every day. Chicago injury attorneys may also note that during summer, cars frequently have more passengers than usual—and more distractions for the driver. Other distractions may include driving with an unsecured pet, or driving with the windows down and the stereo turned up. In any case, you should drive carefully, as summer has an array of unique risks on the road.

Driving Safely

Ensuring that your car is in optimal driving condition before setting out for the summer could prevent certain accidents—if everything is in working condition, you won’t have to worry about things like your brakes failing. Remembering to leave a proper amount of space between cars, for example, is also a good way to avoid accidents. Never drive while under the influence, and make sure that your passengers don’t distract you from following the rules of the road. Even if you drive safely, though, you may still end up involved in a car crash. If this is the case, a car accident attorney can help you build a case.

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