Arlington Heights, IL Work Injury Attorneys

Accidents at work aren’t always avoidable or foreseeable, but when an employer’s negligence is responsible for injuries or wrongful death, victims and their families should take action to make sure that compensation is awarded and that employers take steps to prevent accidents in the future. With a trusted work injury attorney, work injury victims in and around Arlington Heights, Illinois will be able to help minimize the risk of injury for future employees.

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With a knowledgeable attorney helping you build a work injury case, you can determine if an employer was negligent at the time of an accident, and figure out exactly how much you can receive in compensation. Injury victims are usually eligible to receive compensation for all injuries sustained, wages lost, and any physical, mental and emotional distress resulting from a workplace accident.

If you believe an employer has either directly or indirectly caused an accident on the job, you should take proper action to ensure that it doesn’t happen to you or your co-workers again. The Illinois work injury attorneys at Malman Law have handled thousands of cases since 1994, and represent people in and around Arlington Heights. Contact us today.