Berwyn, IL Workers’ Compensation Attorneys

Employees should be able to trust their employers to maintain a working environment that is safe and free of accident risks. Unfortunately, workplace accidents continue to occur because of employee or employer negligence. Employees who have been injured on the job in Illinois can take legal action with workers’ compensation lawyers to help ensure that employers won’t cause harm in the future.

Receiving Compensation for Work Injuries in Berwyn

Truck drivers, construction workers and railroad workers are simply some of the many working professionals who are at risk at the workplace on a daily basis. Employers and employees are both responsible for practicing safe work habits that minimize the risk of injury or death. When employers fail to allow their employees to work safely, they are often unlikely to change their practices unless they face consequences resulting from their actions.

If you have been injured or if someone you know has wrongfully died as a result of workplace negligence in Berwyn, Illinois, consult with the Berwyn workers’ compensation attorneys at Malman Law to recover the highest compensation for lost income as well as subsequent physical and mental distress.