Chicago Heights, IL Work Accident Attorneys

Employees injured in the workplace are often unsure about what to do after recovering, but employees have the right to take legal action if employers’ negligence resulted in the accident. Work injury attorneys will help employees recover full compensation for injuries and ensure that negligent employers face the consequences of their actions. Even if you suspect you were partially responsible for your injuries, you may still be able to receive compensation.

Find the Right Representation

Work injury victims should consult with attorneys to handle litigations with insurance companies as well as employers. Even if another employee has caused an accident through his or her negligence, lawyers may be able to find that the employee lacked the skills necessary to gain the position, citing the employer for wrongful hiring.

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There are many aspects to consider in a work accident in order to determine liability and compensation. The specific value of injuries—along with witness accounts and many other elements—will help determine how much you can receive for your injuries. Seek the representation of the work injury attorneys at Malman Law if you have been injured in or around Chicago Heights, Illinois, and discuss your case in a free consultation today.