Cicero, IL Workers’ Compensation Attorneys

Many types of workers are often at risk of injury in the workplace, including factory, railroad and construction workers. Sometimes accidents are unavoidable and unpreventable, but in many cases accidents are the result of employee or employer negligence. Workers who are injured in Cicero, Illinois because of others’ neglect for safety can speak with workers’ compensation attorneys to recover full compensation.

Speak with Knowledgeable Workers’ Compensation Attorneys in Cicero

If you have been injured in the workplace, you may wish to settle with insurance companies, but they usually won’t inform you that you can receive a lump sum settlement worth up to millions of dollars. Regardless of the severity of injuries, you should speak with an attorney to learn what you can do to receive compensation from the employees or employers responsible.

People who are injured on the job should take legal action to help ensure that the negligent parties don’t harm others. Speak with Malman Law’s team of workers’ compensation attorneys in Cicero, Illinois to start building your case. In addition to recovering compensation, you may also learn more about your rights with quality legal representation.