Evanston, IL Workers’ Compensation Attorneys

Work injuries are a risk that many workers face regularly, but there are ways to prevent many of them from occurring. Employers and other employees should take the proper safety precautions in the workplace to make sure that accident risks are minimized. However, if an employer is negligent and inadvertently causes the injury or wrongful death of an employee, workers’ compensation lawyers can help ensure that victims receive the full compensation to which they are entitled.

Get the Right Representation

People who attempt to receive compensation through insurance companies alone don’t recover the entire amount of compensation available to them. In addition to withholding information regarding employees’ rights, many insurance companies will also attempt to reason that employees are partially responsible for their injuries. Having the workers’ comp lawyer will allow you to fully understand your rights and help secure the highest compensation.

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If you have been injured in an Evanston workplace because of another’s negligence, aggressive workers’ compensation attorneys are available at Malman Law to help you ensure that the parties responsible are brought to justice.