Lansing, IL Workplace Injury Attorneys

If you’ve been harmed in the workplace because of an injury caused by negligence, you will most likely want to take action against the employer responsible. However, you may also feel fearful of the consequences you’ll face if you don’t succeed at reaching a favorable settlement. Workplace injury attorneys will let you know about all of your employee rights as well as help you build a strong workers’ compensation case.

Take Immediate Action

The longer you wait to build a workers’ compensation case, the less of a chance you’ll have at recovering full compensation from your employers. The Statute of Limitations for workers’ compensation claims varies depending on the state. In and around Lansing, Illinois, the Statute of Limitations to file a workers’ compensation claim is three years following the date of the accident, or two years since the injured employee last received workers’ compensation benefits.

Contact Lansing, Illinois’ Malman Law Workers’ Compensation Attorneys

Injuries in the workplace aren’t always avoidable, but when they are you should consult with an expert workplace injury attorney at Malman Law. Our legal team will do our best to ensure that you recover the highest compensation for any medical expenses and lost wages, as well as for any physical or emotional distress.