Niles, IL Work Injury Attorneys

Many employees injured in the workplace are afraid to file a claim because they fear the power of their employers or simply don’t understand their rights. Insurance companies also often avoid informing injury victims of their rights, allowing them to pay out less than what the victims should receive. Work injury lawyers help injury victims understand what they can do to recover the highest compensation from negligent employers.

When to Seek Representation

Many on-the-job accidents are unpreventable and not caused by any negligence, but unfortunately there are employers who still fail to maintain a safe work environment in many ways. If you believe that an employer has failed to minimize accident risks and is responsible for injuries or wrongful death as a result, you should do what you can to recover full compensation by seeking legal representation.

Contact the Established Niles, Illinois Workers’ Compensation Attorneys of Malman Law

If you are injured in the workplace in Niles, Illinois, work injury lawyers are available at Malman Law to represent you. Our attorneys will help you recover compensation for lost income, medical expenses, as well as physical and emotional distress resulting from an accident.