Orland Park, IL Workers’ Comp Attorneys

Work accidents occur under many different circumstances, but there are also many accidents that are avoidable. Workplace negligence is responsible for many injuries ranging from mild to life threatening, and many preventable accidents wind up being deadly for the victims. Thankfully, workers’ comp lawyers are available to represent injury victims and their families to recover compensation.

When to Seek Representation

If you experience an accident on the job, you should do what you can to recover compensation if you believe that an employer is responsible. Many employees who sustain injuries don’t take legal action against their employers because they often fear either lowered wages or losing their jobs, or they don’t understand their rights. Many employees turn to insurance companies immediately, but insurance companies tend to pay out less than what claimants truly deserve.

Contact the Orland Park Workers’ Compensation Attorneys at Malman Law

Employees and employees are expected to work together to keep work environments safe for everyone. Workers’ comp attorneys are available to help victims of work injury understand their rights and receive the attention they need. Don’t be fearful if you’ve been injured in the workplace in Orland Park, Illinois and believe an employer’s negligence caused your injuries; speak to the legal team at Malman Law to represent your case, instead.