Palatine, IL Work Injury Attorneys

Work accidents are unfortunately a common occurrence in many workplaces, and employees are often reluctant to file a claim because of dismissive insurance companies or the fear of losing their jobs. However, victims of work injuries caused by employer negligence can take action to recover money for lost income, medical bills and other costs resulting from their injuries.

Don’t Remain Quiet: Contact Dedicated Palatine Workers’ Compensation Attorneys

If you are injured in the workplace and believe that a negligent co-worker or employer is responsible, you should speak with a work injury lawyer to help you build a case and reach a settlement in your favor. In addition to gathering medical records and helping determine the value of your injuries, attorneys will also handle interactions with insurance companies, helping you fully understand your rights while working to recover the highest compensation.

The longer you remain silent after experiencing a work injury, the less likely it will be that you will receive the compensation you need, and negligent employees may continue to engage in negligence on-the-job. Talk with a knowledgeable lawyer for representation today. The experienced work injury attorneys at Malman Law are available for residents of Illinois, including Palatine.