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Seeking legal services can prove overwhelming for most clients, particularly when it comes to the cost.

Even if you are confident of obtaining a positive verdict, you may fear losing your livelihood or savings.

We offer a zero fee guarantee that ensures clients do not pay legal fees unless our firm successfully secures a settlement, either through a client’s insurance company or the court.

At Malman Law, we understand that your topmost priority is recovering and resuming work following an injury. Rather than subject you to unnecessary stress upon your injury, we offer free case evaluations. This way you are under no obligation to engage our services.

Furthermore, if you cannot make it to our offices owing to your injury, our team is willing to travel to your hospital room or home at no cost. We understand that you have been through enough already, and we simply want to do our job.

We also place great emphasis on safeguarding your rights and work to get you compensated. We serve the Lake County, Cook County, Will County, and Dupage County areas in Illinois.

You might wonder why our Chicago personal injury lawyers offer services at no cost. Well, that is simple. Motivation is what drives us. We recognize that if we fail to secure a settlement, we earn nothing.

Our zero fee guarantee helps take some weight off your shoulders. But most importantly, our clients can rest and recuperate while our team works to help them earn a settlement. At Malman Law, we will do everything possible to make that a reality.

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