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When seeking medical care, you trust your medical provider to apply his or her skills responsibly to deliver premium care. However, healthcare providers at times fail to meet this expectation.

Although there is the implementation of routines and procedures, medical providers still fail to act in accordance with their specified policies. The list of imaginable medical malpractice circumstances is endless.
Malpractice occurs when physicians offer a misdiagnosis or overlook symptoms of harmful or fatal conditions. Other cases of malpractice involve the delay or interruption of treatment by insurance firms and hospital administrators.

Frequently, victims of negligence are unaware of their legal rights and fail to pursue repayment for the experienced damages. Lawsuits involving malpractice tend to be complex. Therefore, it is advisable you hire a trained medical malpractice attorney.

At Malman Law, experienced lawyers use time-tested investigation techniques and resources to handle your claim with utmost care. We are proud to have on our staff some of the best malpractice lawyers in Illinois.

Our team of attorneys can examine the details surrounding your case and advise you on subsequent measures. If you have a persistent health condition coupled with unpaid bills owing to a doctor’s negligence, we can probe your issue and work to obtain compensation.

We will not hesitate to proceed to court if we are unable to reach a fair settlement. It is illegal for any physician not to apply good judgment and take proper care while performing his or her duties. You can file a claim if a physician fails to meet his or her medical commitments, resulting in a disease or injury.

Our Chicago attorneys are zealous about assisting malpractice victims. We adopt a meticulous and all-inclusive approach that delivers results. We have a wide array of approaches to secure maximum compensation, so call us today.

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Newsweek 2013 Showcase - Leaders In Personal Injury