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If you were recently injured on the job or diagnosed with a work-related illness, you are likely to experience both pain and financial worries. When your condition is related to your work activities, you can file a workers’ compensation claim to pay for your medical bills and compensate you for your lost wages while you are off of work. Champaign workers’ compensation attorneys can work to ensure that your claim is handled appropriately and legally.

What is Workers’ Compensation?

Employees who suffer work-related injuries and illnesses are covered under a state-mandated insurance system. This system provides compensation to employees or their families after a job-related injury or illness. No matter who is at fault for your injury or illness, you are entitled to these benefits. The workers’ compensation program is designed to ensure the financial protection of injured employees, but in most cases, it also prevents employees from suing their employers for their injuries.

Typically, this type of insurance will cover all injuries related wholly or partially to an employee’s work. However, injuries that occur at an employer-sponsored recreational activity such as golfing, a picnic, or a sports league are generally not covered by workers’ compensation unless they are company-mandated.

Sometimes insurance companies will unfairly deny or minimize workers’ compensation claims. In these cases, it helps to have Champaign workers’ compensation attorneys on your side, fighting for the compensation you deserve and need.

Your Workers’ Compensation Rights

State laws dictate the distribution of workers’ compensation benefits. In Illinois, the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Act details the rights of injured workers. Under this act, injured workers are entitled to:

  1. Medical expense coverage—All medical expenses are covered, and you are not required to pay a deductible or co-payment.
  2. Your choice of doctors—You have the right to select two doctors for your treatment as well as treatment from other doctors whom you are referred to.
  3. Partial Permanent Disability (PPD)—Sometimes called a lump sum payment, this benefit compensates you for your injuries if you partially lose the use of a body part. The sum of this benefit hinges on what body part has a permanent impairment and its effect on your life.
  4. Permanent Total Disability (PTD)—You are entitled to lifetime benefits if you lose two body parts, or your injury makes you unable to perform any kind of work. These benefits are based on two-thirds of your average gross weekly earnings.
  5. Temporary Total Disability (TTD)—You can receive a weekly lost wages benefit if you cannot return to work immediately due to your injuries. The amount you are entitled to receive is also based on two-thirds of your average gross weekly wage.
  6. Wage Loss Differential—If you must switch jobs because your injuries leave you unable to do your current job, you may also be entitled to a payment of two-thirds of your average gross weekly wage less the amount that you make at your new job.
  7. Vocational Retraining—You could be eligible for paid vocational retraining for another occupation if you cannot return to your current job.
  8. Survivor benefits—If a worker sustains fatal injuries while at work, their dependent heirs can receive their survivor workers’ compensation benefits.

To make sure that you receive the full extent of the workers’ compensation benefits that apply to you, enlist the help of experienced Champaign workers’ compensation lawyers. Attorneys who represent workers’ compensation clients are well-versed in the benefits available to you and know the tactics that insurance companies use to attempt to escape their liability.

Third-Party Claims

Even though workers’ compensation usually prevents employees from suing their employers for their injuries, it doesn’t mean that they cannot file what is known as a third-party claim. The third party is another person or entity besides your employer whose negligence led to your injuries. For example:

  1. The owner of a property with a hazardous condition that went uncorrected
  2. The owner of another company working on the same job site
  3. The manufacturer or distributor of a dangerous, or defectively designed or manufactured product
  4. A third-party driver or operator of machinery

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Unfortunately, many insurance companies will try to settle workers’ compensation claims quickly to keep their costs down. If you suffered a work injury or illness, it is in your best interest to discuss your claim with well-versed Champaign workers’ compensation attorneys. The attorneys at Malman Law are highly experienced and will negotiate and litigate your claim if necessary. When an attorney represents you, you are more likely to receive the settlement you are entitled to. Call (312) 629-0099 today or use our online contact form to schedule yours.

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