Case Results for Personal Injury Attorney Serving Chicago and Illinois

$11,800,000.00 – The Malman Law, leveraging the expertise of a team of attorneys, secured a large settlement in this case, in which a father of five tragically died when his tire treads failed, causing his vehicle to roll over. Our team investigated the crash carefully and pieced together a convincing argument that the manufacturer of the tire should be held liable for the damages sustained. In addition to the driver, two other passengers died in the accident. A fourth passenger was rendered quadriplegic by the crash. $11,800,000.00 was the total settlement.

$6,000,000.00 – Settlement for a Client Whose Infant Suffered Irreversible Brain Damage Due to Medical Negligence

In this case, our client was a four–month–old baby girl who, back in January 1999, was taken to the hospital after her mother noticed that she had come down with irritability and a fever. The physicians who looked at her failed to diagnose that she had bacterial meningitis, an infection of the brain. They simply sent the sick infant home.

Within just 12 hours of returning home, however, the infant developed a brain injury as well as cerebral palsy. A lifetime of damage –– easily preventable. An utter tragedy.

We at Malman Law worked with our team of medical experts and attorneys to figure out what happened, and we proved that the failure to diagnose the baby’s illness led directly to her lifelong brain injuries and palsy. Although we did collect a $6,000,000.00 dollar settlement for our client; unfortunately, no amount of money can really replace the functions she lost as a result of the negligence.

$5,000,000.00 – We represented the mother of a boy who was having trouble moving his arm. The mother brought the boy to his physician on several occasions regarding the problem, but it took almost a full year before the physician recommended that the boy have an MRI. The image returned a diagnosis of a ganglioglioma (tumor), which unfortunately led to the boy’s paralysis and ultimately to his death. The Malman Law investigated the matter, utilizing a team of lawyers and experts proved medical malpractice. Our investigation showed that, had the boy’s physicians found the tumor earlier, he would likely have avoided paralysis and death. Our team obtained a settlement of $5 million dollars for the mother.

$3,400,000.00 – Steven J. Malman obtained a large settlement of behalf of a pedestrian who was struck standing on the side of the road while his semi-tractor trailer was being repaired. Our client suffered multiple broken bones which required surgery and a lengthy recovery including extensive physical therapy. While our client was released back to work, we were able to establish that his pain and suffering warranted such a recovery.

$2,250,000.00 – Our client in this case was a woman whose obstetrician/gynecologist had failed to diagnose her terminal ovarian cancer, despite having given her numerous pap smears. Using a team of experts and other methods of investigation, Malman Law demonstrated that the woman’s tests had been returning abnormal results for some time and that the Ob/Gyn’s misreading of the pathology report had greatly exacerbated our client’s health struggles. In compensation for our client’s multiple surgeries, pain and suffering, and other costs, we managed to obtain a $2.25 million settlement for her.

$2,000,000.00 – In this case, we were able to prove that the driver of a van was responsible for the death of a bicyclist even though our client and the driver of the van were deceased. Through careful investigation and examination, the insurance company agreed that our client had the right of way at the intersection and the deceased van driver was at fault. Our client left a husband and two adult children.

$2,000,000.00 – A woman who had undergone a partial hysterectomy for fibroid tumors came to Malman Law for help after she had experienced a series of unfortunate medical events and a costly misdiagnosis. Following her hysterectomy, our client’s initial pathology report indicated that her tumors were benign. The next year, she had additional surgery to take out her ovaries and fallopian tubes. A second pathology report came back and showed that she had a kind of cancer called malignant uterine sarcoma. Our legal team, leveraging the expertise of physicians, investigated. Upon review, we found that the original slide taken after her partial hysterectomy had indicated the presence of cancer. Furthermore, the woman’s Ob/Gyn’s failure to refer her to a gynecologist for treatment radically complicated her condition. Our client is currently undergoing treatment for her cancer. Our team managed to win a $2 million medical malpractice verdict for her; the case has been appealed.

$1,700,000.00 – In this tragic case of nursing home neglect, a 72 year-old bedridden man had been ordered by his doctor to have his bed rails raised. A head nurse at his facility, (who, we later discovered, was unlicensed to practice in the United States), noticed that our client’s bed was broken and that one of the sides lacked rails completely. Instead of fixing the bed, he simply shoved it against the wall next to the radiator. While our client was sleeping, he rolled onto the radiator and burned his legs so badly that decubitus ulcers formed. Eventually, his legs had to be amputated. Our thorough and comprehensive investigation resulted in a $1.7 million verdict for our client.

$1,400,000.00 – In this case, we represented a 13 year-old boy who severely hurt himself after slipping and falling in the stairwell of his high-rise apartment building. Soon after his fall, the boy developed an anti-biotic resistant infection called MRSA, which required him to undergo several surgeries on his hip. Our team established that the abrasions the boy suffered in his slip and fall allowed the MRSA to get into his system. By establishing a direct causal connection between the boy’s injury and his costly surgeries, we achieved a $1.4 million award via a process known as binding mediation.

$1,250,000.00 – We represented an 18 year-old boy who had been accused of shoplifting alcohol while at a grocery store. The store’s security guard apprehended the boy and told him to raise his hands above his head. The boy and the guard exchanged words, provoking the guard to shove our client’s head into a rack. Our client suffered near total impairment of vision in one eye and partial impairment in the other. Despite our client’s injuries, the grocery store nevertheless took him to trial for shoplifting. He was found not guilty. Meanwhile, Malman Law sought damages from both the grocery store and the security guard’s insurance company. The grocery store paid $250,000. The insurance company for the security guard paid the sum of $1 million.

$1,225,000.00 – Settlement for Client Hit in the Head by a Flying Rock

On May 21, 2004, our client was sitting in the stands of a motor speedway, when a race car whizzed by and kicked up a baseball–sized rock that flew into the stands and hit her in the head. It hit her so hard that she had to go to the hospital for an emergency tracheostomy and brain surgery. In addition, she suffered a painful condition known as a subdural hematoma, for which she had to have a craniotomy. And she also had a hematoma in the left temporal region of her brain, which required an operation known as a resection. Although she fortunately recovered most functions, the episode obviously traumatized her.

What Malman Law did for her.

The owners of the speedway claimed that the fence around the stands was sufficient to prevent debris from scattering into the crowd. They claimed that they had installed a double–layer chain link fence as well as warning signs about flying debris.

But we managed to prove that the rock actually flew through a gap in the fence –– and that there was no warning or waiver of liability on the fence at all.

We hired several experts who used sophisticated physics to show that the rock had to have come through the fence and not over it. We also collected video of the racetrack two weeks prior to the accident, which showed that the fence was a single–layer fence –– one with plenty of gaps to fit four inch rocks through it. This proved that the company had put up the double–layer fence and warning signs only after our client had gotten hurt –– a bald–faced attempt to shirk responsibility for paying compensation to our client.

Fortunately, our detailed re-engineering and investigative work bore our client’s story out, and we collected a settlement of $1,225,000 for her.

$1,150,000.00 – Our client in this case was a little girl whose family had just moved into a new building in Chicago. One night, her older brother started a fire in the apartment. The rest of the family, awoke to the smell of smoke. Most of family escaped without injury, but the little girl suffered severe burns to her head. Our legal team hired one of the top building fire code experts in the country to establish that conditions in the little girl’s apartment had violated the city of Chicago’s fire ordinances. We demonstrated that the apartment had no fire alarms and that the front door’s door-knob had been broken, which made escape difficult. Our meticulous investigation yielded a settlement for our client of $1.15 million.

$1,011,864.50 – VERDICT – We obtained a record setting verdict in a case against a nursing home. Our client was a nursing home resident who was dropped in the shower room during a transfer resulting in a fractured hip requiring the surgical placement of two metal rods and screws in her leg and hip. Upon return to the nursing home, the surgical site became infected requiring surgery to remove the metal rods and screws. The nursing homes offer to settle was unacceptable so Malman Law took the case to trial. The jury agreed!

$1,000,000.00 – Our firm represented a union painter who suffered severe crushing injuries when a forklift drove over his legs. Our client sustained knee and elbow injuries that required significant surgery. Our team successfully argued that, due to these injuries, the painter could no longer actively work in his chosen trade, and we managed to obtain a settlement of $1 million to compensate for this construction site work injury.

$1,000,000.00 – In this matter, Steven J. Malman represented a hemophiliac who had suffered soft tissue injury to his finger as a result of an auto accident. Our client took medication for years after the accident to control the bleeding in his finger and avoid further complications. We demonstrated that our client had experienced severe and ongoing discomfort and obtained a settlement of $1 million in this auto accident case – an amount that represented the limits of the insurance.

$1,000,000.00 – The Malman Law represented a union steel worker who, along with a coworker, had been ordered to work on a rain-drenched construction site. Our client and his coworker had attempted to move a 300 pound steel beam in these dangerous conditions. During this process, our client slipped and fell, sustaining a back injury so severe that it required surgery. We recovered a $1 million settlement for him, including a waiver of the workers’ compensation lien. (An injured worker’s insurance company may recover whatever it paid out from any third party settlement, according to Illinois law.)

$975,000.00 – In this case, our 80 year-old client was discharged from a hospital to a nursing home with the wrong dosage for one of her many medications. The nursing home failed to correct the mistake and the pharmacy filled the prescription. After 10 days of taking the medication at the wrong dosage, our client died. Malman Law held the hospital, nursing home and pharmacy responsible for her death.

$900,000.00 – Our client in this tragic matter was a prison inmate who had sustained head injuries during a fight with fellow prisoners. He was rushed to the hospital in severe condition. But due to an error, our client received an improper medication and suffered further complications that resulted in his death. We managed to obtain a settlement for our client’s family of $900,000 for this egregious medical malpractice.

– Our client was born with a genetic disorder requiring her to have 24-hour care in a group home. During one of her meals, she began to cough and become lethargic. The staff left her to sleep for several hours only to find that she had died in her sleep. We were able to establish that her coughing was caused by food entering her lungs causing her to go into respiratory distress.

$600,000.00 – In this assisted living case, we were able to establish that our 84 year-old client was not a suitable resident of an assisted living facility and should have been in a nursing home with more supervision and fall precautions. As a result of the lack of supervision, our client fell out of bed striking his head leading to his death.

$600,000.00 – Our client’s friend, a restaurateur, had been showing off a hunting rifle when it accidentally discharged, striking our client in the leg. The injury resulted in a below the knee amputation. Our team investigated this accidental shooting case and managed to collect settlement money both from the restaurant owner’s business insurance policy and from the shooter’s homeowner’s policy. The $600,000 settlement amount was the maximum available through the insurance coverage.

$600,000.00 – We represented a 54 year-old woman who suffered severe burns to her breasts while cooking. Our client had been cooking, when her oven mitt came into contact with the heating element in her oven causing the mitt to ignite. This set her nightshirt on fire and lead to serious burns on her breasts and chest. The Malman Law filed a products liability claim on her behalf. To demonstrate precisely what had happened, we contracted an expert to reproduce the event in a laboratory setting. This vivid recreation convinced what might have otherwise been a dubious defense, to settle with our client for $600,000 in compensation.

$500,000.00 – Our client in this case was a woman who lost her baby due to fetal distress related complications. The woman arrived at the hospital in full term and in the middle of labor. Despite the fact that her baby showed distinct signs of fetal distress, the hospital staff left her alone in a room for several hours. When a nurse returned finally to check on her, her baby had died. While obviously no amount of money can truly compensate a mother for such a tragic loss, our legal team managed to obtain a settlement of $500,000 in this egregious medical malpractice case.

$390,000.00 – The Law Offices of Steven J. Malman represented an 81 year-old bedridden stroke victim who ultimately succumbed to complications stemming from pressure ulcers brought on due to negligent nursing care. We showed that the nursing home staff did not employ measures to prevent his pressure ulcers and failed to administer supportive care to prevent complications. Furthermore, the nursing home had no documentation regarding our client’s pressure ulcer care, and the wound care nurse at the home could not even differentiate between stage 1 and stage 2 ulcers. We managed to win a settlement for our client’s estate of $390,000 to compensate for the nursing home’s negligence in diagnosing, preventing, and treating the ulcers.

$300,000.00 – Our firm represented a nursing home resident who suffered severe pain and complications after he fell out of bed and fractured his hip. The injury required him to undergo surgery. Our legal team demonstrated that our client – a known fall risk – had not been properly watched and protected by the nursing home staff. We obtained a settlement of $300,000 to compensate our client for pain and suffering, medical bills, and other damages.

$300,000.00 maximum coverage settled for client by Senior Associate Attorney of Malman Law, Cory M. Boyer. The client was an employee of AT&T when he tripped and fell in the yard due to a garden hose covered by snow where he was installing cable. The client suffered serious injuries including a severe knee injury and can no longer commit himself to his previous daily activities, including work and playing like he once did with his children. In addition to this, a cane now needs to be used to support him. The case was settled through verdict of arbitration.

The total medical bills of the client were $81,000. Due to Cory Boyer’s aggressive fight, the client will be able to cover his medical expenses and lost wages.

$300,000.00 Judgment obtained by attorney Terrence E. Davey at Malman Law, for client whose medical bills totaled $46,487.50. The client suffered a “slip and fall” accident on an oily surface in the garage of a homeowner. The negligent property caused the plaintiff to suffer a severe injury of his right shoulder. The diagnosis was a rotator cuff tear that required months of physical therapy.

This is just a small sampling of the thousands of cases we have resolved.