Steps to Protect Your Loved One’s Safety if You Suspect Nursing Home Abuse

Thursday, May 27, 2021

Steps to Protect Your Loved One’s Safety if You Suspect Nursing Home Abuse

Written by Malman Law, reviewed by Steve J. Malman.

Nursing homes are supposed to be places of respite and rest. Staff should provide for residents’ needs, but as you likely already know, this is far from what happens in many of these places. But what do you do if you suspect your loved one is the victim of abuse?

Medical advances have allowed Americans to live well into their 80s and beyond, something that earlier generations would never have imagined. However, with these strides come some new dilemmas. One of the most challenging ones is how to best care for our aging family members. Assisted living communities, long-term care facilities, and nursing homes have served as solutions for many families. 

However, they aren’t without their faults. Too many elderly Americans are abused in these types of care facilities every day. Suppose you suspect your family member is one of them. In that case, it’s time to seek the help of a compassionate yet aggressive Chicago nursing home abuse lawyer. You and your elderly loved one have rights, and at Malman Law, we will advocate for them. Here’s how you can protect your loved one if you suspect some form of abuse.

Know the Signs of Abuse

Anyone who has a family member or friend residing in a nursing home should be aware of the signs of elder abuse. These can include:

  1. Sudden changes in mood or personality
  2. Refusing to say much when particular caregivers are around
  3. Lack of hygiene
  4. Unexplained illness or injuries
  5. Sudden or severe weight loss
  6. Not wanting to be alone with their caregivers
  7. Bedsores 
  8. Problems with medication

Don’t Wait

If you suspect that your loved one is the victim of nursing home or long-term care facility abuse or neglect, don’t wait to take action. The longer you wait, the more at risk they will be for serious injuries or even death. Don’t be afraid to call 911 to have them removed from the situation and receive any medical care they might require.

Document and Gather Evidence

Taking pictures of injuries or other noticeable and potential signs of abuse can be used as valuable evidence to prove nursing home abuse. Keep a journal with the dates and times of other potential signs of abuse you notice. Your Chicago nursing home abuse attorney can help you gather such evidence and use it to prove your case.

Finally, you may need to remove your loved one from the long-term care facility if you believe that they are suffering abuse or neglect and the nursing home doesn’t act swiftly to address the issue. Before you make a report or a file claim, ensure that your loved one is somewhere safe to prevent any retaliatory actions. Take the time to tour other nursing homes in the area, and be sure to speak with friends, neighbors, and coworkers about their experiences in these nursing homes. Always remain vigilant in new facilities, however, as neglect and abuse might happen following the relocation of your loved one, as well. 

Call a Reputable Chicago Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer 

Finally, call a reputable Chicago nursing home abuse lawyer. They will know your next best steps and how to protect your loved one during this difficult time. You can receive your complimentary consultation with skilled nursing home abuse attorneys at Malman Law today. Call (312) 629-0099 or use our online contact form to schedule yours.

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