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Factory Worker Injury Attorney in Illinois

The Illinois workers compensation attorneys at Steven J. Malman & Associates have represented numerous factory workers over the past fifteen years. Despite the ample safety guidelines enforced at Illinois factories and warehouses, far too many workers still get hurt on the job.

Even companies that implement best practices often witness several acute and chronic injuries a year. (And very few manufacturers implement and maintain best safety practices.)

So what are some common accidents that befall factory workers?

  • Slip and falls – oil or water on a factory floor or pallet can set the stage for horrific slip and fall accidents.
  • Crushing accidents – heavy machinery – sometimes weighing in at dozens of tons – can exert more than enough force to crush soft tissue, bones, and connective tissue.
  • Electrocution – the power required to operate factory machinery can be profound. Circuitry problems, carelessness, negligence, and just bad luck can result in electrocution and burns.
  • Overuse accidents – fortunately, many of the most laborious and repetitive factory tasks have been taken over by robots. However, human hands must do some of that labor. Workers who perform monotonous tasks are at high risk of developing overuse injuries, such as thoracic outlet syndrome.
  • Exposure – dust, particulate matter, allergens, and even radioactivity can all injure factory workers and/or exacerbate underlying medical conditions.

If you or a coworker has been hurt on the factory floor, and you need help figuring out how to file a workers compensation claim or make your insurance company pay out benefits, look to the Il workers compensation attorneys of Steven J. Malman & Associates. Review our website at Malman Law to find out how we came to be one of Chicago’s most respected personal injury and workers comp firms, or get in touch with us to schedule a free consultation either by e-mailing or calling our office dial 1-(888) 625-6265 or fill out our free online consultation.