Chicago, IL Bedsore Injury Lawyers

In more than 20 years of practicing personal injury law in Illinois, nursing home abuse and cases of neglect comprise some of the most infuriating matters we have handled. Regrettably, most family members and residents are unaware of the resources available to them.

Thanks to the Nursing Home Care Act, carelessness, neglect, and abuse are actionable offenses. If either you or a family member develops bedsores at a nursing home, the facility should verify that the sores were inevitable and that the staff offered efficient care after the detection.

Bedsores, otherwise known as pressure ulcers, can be debilitating and even fatal to confined elderly patients. In some instances, bedsores arise due to poor decisions by nurses. In other cases, the facility’s pervasive culture of neglect and nursing home abuse may be to blame.

Although it sounds outrageous, in some homes, incompetent staff members place patients in restraints to avoid their responsibilities. As a result, the patients become captives in their beds. Restraints could lead to the development of uncomfortable sores, which could lead to infection.

Subsequently, infection could lead to contusions, gangrene, clotting, muscle tone loss, and even death. You or your loved one has no reason to tolerate this type of treatment. The law protects you in such cases. As a firm, we have handled numerous cases of abuse among the elderly. Consequently, we can offer you and your family assistance if you suspect negligence from the facility.

At Malman Law, a bedsore injury lawyer can file your claim efficiently. We further offer a zero fee guarantee to our clients. This policy means that our firm will cover all investigation, court, and litigation costs. You will not incur any expenses unless we secure compensation for you. Request a free case assessment or for instant answers speak with a bedsore injury lawyer by calling us.

To better serve our clients, Malman Law employs a full time Registered Nurse with over 30 years experience working and operating various nursing homes throughout Chicagoland. Our nurse is dedicated to reviewing all of the nursing home and medical malpractice cases to assist in the prosecution of the cases.