Chicago, IL Railroad Worker Lawyer

The Federal Employee Liability Act is a United States law that offers protection for railroaders who have been injured on the job. Our Chicago railroad injury lawyers undertake many complicated cases per year. If faulty machinery or the inattentiveness of fellow workers or foremen has directly resulted in an injury or chronic condition, the personal injury lawyers at the Law Office of Steven J. Malman and Associates can help. We know how to get the maximum amount to pay for any physical therapy, lost salaries, discomfort and suffering, and even psychological counseling.

Railroad Accidents Can Be Quick or Gradual

Probably the most well-known and well-documented railroad worker accident was that of Phineas Gage. In the 19th century, Gage was injured by a tamping iron that completely pierced his skull, but astonishingly, did not kill him. However, the spike damaged the frontal lobes of his brain, creating drastic personality and behavioral changes.

Despite this reference, not all Chicago railroad injuries happen quickly and result in severe damage. Many railroad injuries happen gradually over the course of many years. These can include:

  • Damage to ligament and soft tissue
  • Poisoning or breathing difficulty from industrial chemicals and solvents
  • Back strain or tension-related injuries

These are just some of the examples of injuries and conditions that can have devastating effects on the even the strongest workers, leading substantial medical expenses, chronic pain, and ultimately, even death.

Get the Maximum Amount for your Railroad Worker Injury

Luckily, if you or someone you care about requires the counsel of a railroad accident attorney in Illinois, you can trust the energetic group here at the Law Offices of Steven J. Malman & Associates. Our services come with a zero fee guarantee – and that means exactly what it implies. If we do not collect a settlement or win a verdict for you in court, our services are absolutely free. We offer this guarantee to ease your anxiety and to ensure our lawyers work as hard as possible on your behalf. (If we don’t win, we don’t get paid.)

For the last two decades, we have had success with over 15,000 cases of Illinois personal injury and worker’s compensation. Railroad accident cases are just one example of the many legal cases in which we’ve been involved. We have also secured large settlements in cases involving nursing home abuse and neglect, slip and falls, police brutality, wrongful death, cerebral palsy, medical malpractice, dog bites, traumatic brain injuries, and construction accidents.

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