Chicago, IL Financial Exploitation in Nursing Homes Attorney

The financial exploitation of elderly Americans – particularly seniors who have dementia or Alzheimer’s disease – is not only morally reprehensible – it’s also a crime that can result in significant penalties, including major fines and jail time. The Chicago elder care attorneys of Steven J. Malman & Associates, PC, have dealt with numerous cases of elderly financial exploitation, and we have a deep knowledge of the law and resources claimants need to seek justice effectively.

In What Ways Can Elderly Patients Suffer Financial Exploitation?

Here are some classic examples:

  • An unauthorized caregiver or relative changes terms of a will or changes terms on bank accounts, credit cards, and other instruments.
  • A senior complains about “money gone missing” or about being financially manipulated by a caregiver or fiduciary representative.
  • Sudden and mysterious financial transactions appear on a seniors’ bank accounts or chequebook statements.
  • A senior lives in a mediocre care facility when he or she could easily afford to be in a much nicer, safer, an engaging environment.
  • A senior has been asked to trade in property, assets, jewelry, or other real goods in exchange for dubious compensation.
  • A senior has been asked/urged to sign financial documents that he or she doesn’t understand.
  • A caregiver shields the senior from other members of the family and or makes statements that imply that financial misappropriation or exploitation might be going on.

Of course, caregivers or others close to the senior aren’t the only people capable of committing exploitative acts. Common thieves and criminals also take advantage of the elderly by conning seniors with Ponzi schemes, bogus investment opportunities, real estate scams, and the like.

While all of these scenarios can be heart breaking, it’s particularly egregious when nursing home staffers or other caregivers take advantage of the compromised position of a senior. Legal actions can be taken against nursing home staff who steal jewelry or cash; who steal/sell personal information; and who break into accounts. It may be possible to recover significant damages.

To respond effectively, you likely need the help of a knowledgeable, dedicated, and experienced Illinois elder care attorney. We at Steven J. Malman & Associates have fought for victims of injuries, abuse, and financial exploitation for more almost 20 years, and we can provide a free, no obligation consultation about your nursing home related financial exploitation problem today. Call us at any time for a free consultation. Read about our verdicts and settlements and learn more about our zero fee guarantee. In addition, you can peruse many free original articles and videos about how to respond to nursing home abuse and neglect.

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