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Malnutrition Neglect in Illinois

Malnutrition affects thousands – if not tens or even hundreds of thousands – of elders in nursing care around the country. If you suspect that a loved relative is not getting the nourishment that he or she needs to thrive, theChicago personal injury lawyers here at Steven J. Malman & Associates may be able to assist you. For more than a decade and a half, we’ve dealt with complex nursing home care cases, and we’ve developed a powerful, systematic, and comprehensive approach to fight for the rights of injury victims.

Etiology of Elderly Malnutrition

Just because a senior does not appear to be getting enough nutrients in his or her diet doesn’t necessarily mean that the nursing home staff should be blamed. An array of chronic diseases – including insulin resistance, cancer, and Alzheimer’s disease — can lead to wasting in certain individuals. Some malnourished elderly patients may be missing a single nutrient in the diet. Others may have chronic problems, such as type 1 diabetes, which prevent them from absorbing nutrients properly. Still others may not be receiving enough vitamin, mineral or antioxidant supplementation. A methodical investigation is often required to determine the root cause of the malnutrition.

What are Some Warning Signs of Malnourishment in the Elderly? Here is an Incomplete List:

  • Significant diminishment of appetite
  • Changes to the quality of skin or hair
  • A swelling belly
  • Retention of fluids in tissue (edema)
  • Lack of energy, emotional or physical
  • Inflamed eyelids/ glassy eyes
  • Cracking of lips
  • Swollen thyroid
  • Disappearing taste buds
  • Hair loss/wiry hair
  • Strange food cravings
  • Dull, yellow, or lusterless skin
  • Tooth decay
  • Reactive hypoglycemia
  • Poor muscle tone
  • Bleeding or swollen gums

If you notice these symptoms, it may behoove you to discuss possible legal remedies with our personal injuries attorneys in Chicago. Call Steven J. Malman & Associates, or browse to learn more about the different types of common elder abuse and to educate yourself about your potential legal and medical remedies.

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