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Could a plague of medication errors be taking the lives of thousands of America’s seniors every year?

In civil society, we expect that medical interventions should yield more good than harm. However, as the Chicago Illinois personal injury lawyers here at Steven J. Malman & Associates can attest, our country’s nursing homes often fail to meet even this minimal standard of care.

How bad is the problem? Consider that, in a study recently published in the American Journal of Medicine, researchers found that over 40% of injuries at a randomly selected group of nursing homes in the Northeast could have been ‘preventable.’ Another study done by researchers in Massachusetts found that nearly 75% of elder care injuries were preventable. Those statistics highlight a profound disconnect between the principles we hold about how seniors in our society “should” be treated and the reality of their treatment.

Many medical disasters result from medication errors. Improper dosing, missed dosing, and failure to predict or react correctly to side effects can result in severe injury and even death. Medication errors can stem from a variety of factors, including:

  • Nurse error
  • Administrative confusion
  • Failure to determine whether secondary interactions among different medications might cause problems
  • Failure to monitor patients for side effects
  • Use of medication to blunt pain, which results in a failure to identify the root cause of the pain in time to address it properly

Often, friends and family members of injured patients don’t know how to pursue the most appropriate action. After all, dealing with a sick relative who’s suddenly been rendered even sicker due to a medication error can be all consuming, emotionally and logistically. Fortunately, potential claimants have an ally in Steven J. Malman & Associates, PC. Our Chicago nursing home injury attorneys have the training, courage, conviction, and compassion to protect your rights and see that justice is done. We are not afraid to take anyone on, and our verdicts and settlements (many of which have yielded six, seven, and even eight figure amounts for our clients) demonstrate that our tenacity leads to results. Find out more about what makes our firm different at, or call our office to set up your free consultation.

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