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Medication Errors

In today’s society we expect medical interventions to be beneficial rather than detrimental. However, the Chicago personal injury attorneys at Malman Law can prove that many of the nation’s nursing homes frequently fail in this regard.

A recently published study in the American Journal of Medicine reveals the severity of nursing home neglect. According to this study, researchers discovered that randomly chosen nursing facilities in the Northeast could have prevented more than 40% of injuries.

In another study conducted in Massachusetts, researchers discovered that almost 75% of injuries among elderly patients were preventable. These statistics underscore a great disconnect between the principles held by society on the treatment that seniors should receive and the reality of nursing home care.

Numerous medical disasters can arise from medication errors. Inappropriate or missed dosages and the failure to foresee or respond appropriately to side effects could lead to serious injury and even death. Medication errors can originate from various factors including:

  • Nurse error
  • Failure to establish whether secondary interactions among various medications might be problematic
  • Administration confusion
  • Use of drugs to dull pain, resulting in a failure to recognize the main source of the pain in time to treat it appropriately

Frequently, family members and friends of injured patients are unable to pursue the most suitable action due to lack of awareness. In any case, handling a sick relative whose condition has worsened because of a medication slip-up can be overwhelming.

Fortunately, prospective claimants can look to Malman Law for a competent and experienced medication errors lawyer. Our attorneys have the training, experience, and conviction to deal with cases involving nursing home neglect.

To better serve our clients, Malman Law employs a full time Registered Nurse with over 30 years experience working and operating various nursing homes throughout Chicagoland. Our nurse is dedicated to reviewing all of the nursing home and medical malpractice cases to assist in the prosecution of the cases.

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