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Verbal Belittling in Illinois Nursing Homes

The old adage goes ‘sticks and stones may break my bones, but names will never hurt me.’ Unfortunately, this conventional wisdom does not seem to hold up. In fact, reams of scientific evidence suggest that verbal belittlement and harassment can have direct and negative physiological consequences for victims. At the Law Offices of Steven J. Malman & Associates, ourChicago nursing home injury attorneys work tirelessly to fight for the rights of the victims of senior abuse, neglect and verbal belittlement.

What are Some Warning Signs of Emotional and Verbal Abuse?

  • Loud environment at the nursing home, with lots of yelling, ‘roughhousing’ among nursing home staff, and general disorderly contact among residents
  • Rumors of abuse and neglect at the home
  • Humiliation of a resident or an employee (e.g. jokes/pranks pulled on residents)
  • Rundown facility
  • Complaints from residents and/or family members

Signs that your friend or relative may have been victim of the nursing home bullying can include: depression, agitation, lack of appetite, insomnia, unusual reticence, other attitudinal changes, increased anxiety and stress.

Not all victims of belittlement are forthcoming about the abuse. Some fear ‘making a big deal’ out of what happened. Others fear retaliation. Some abusers physically threaten residents who complain or attempt to complain. For instance, a resident may be told that he will lose family visiting privileges, time outdoors, and opportunities to socialize. In extreme cases, the abuser can even resort to doping a victim with medications to keep him quiet.

If you’re a concerned friend or relative who believes that verbal belittlement may be occurring, the Illinois personal injury lawyers of Steven J. Malman & Associates can fight for you. We can build a solid and strategic case tocollect compensation, stop the abuse and harassment, and bring any and all perpetrators or enablers to swift justice.

Find out more about our approach, our success stories, our zero fee guarantee, and our credentials at Or call us at any time (24/7) for a free, zero obligation consultation about your urgent nursing home abuse situation.

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