Chicago Lawyers Hired By the City To Defend Police Misconduct Cases

The City of Chicago is increasing their defense in cases where police officers have been charged with misconduct. Chicago personal injury attorneys have helped victims charge city police officers and in the past the city has settled, perhaps too quickly. However the new system is considered by some to be too harsh.

According to an article in the Chicago Sun Times, the city of Chicago is paying outside lawyers $25,000 to defend the city in a lawsuit. The defense lawyer stands to make an additional $15,000 if they win the case. This new system has caused cases against Chicago police to drop 47% in 2011.

In a recent case involving Christopher Reis, he was awarded $4 million for his case only to have it overturned when the city of Chicago appealed the case and won.

Reis sued the Chicago police because they left a suspect alone in the back of a squad car with the keys in the ignition. The suspect stole the squad car and the police initiated a chase. During this chase the suspect crashed the squad car into Reis’ car while he was stopped at a stop light.

Reis is now stuck with significant medical bills related to the incident. However he is not giving up. Reis and his personal injury attorneys are asking the case to be re-heard by the state’s high court.

This change in legal policy means that if you believe you have been wronged at the hands of a police officer you need to consult with a Chicago personal injury attorney right away to evaluate your case. The city of Chicago may not be settling as quickly but your personal injury attorney will fight for what you deserve.

Choosing a law office like Malman Law with a No Fee Guarantee means that you do not have to pay your lawyer if they fail to obtain an award on your behalf. Trust your instincts if you believe you have been injured at the hand of someone else and get a Chicago personal injury attorney working for you.