Chicago Motorcycle Accidents Show Slight Decline

According to the Illinois Department of Transportation, there was a slight decrease statewide in deaths caused by motorcycle accidents from 2008 to 2009, from 135 to 130. Additionally, Chicago motorcycle accidents decreased more dramatically (around 15%) from 57 to 48 fatalities. The rest of the country reports a similar trend – nationwide, motorcycle fatalities dropped about 16%.

There are a few different factors that may be causing fewer motorcycle accidents in Chicago, according to Chicago motorcycle accident attorneys. Illinois safety officials have been working to remind motorists to be aware of motorcycles and vice versa. It is also possible that there are fewer inexperienced “recreational” riders due to the current economic climate. Many people do not have the disposable income for a recreational vehicle.

Whatever the reason, fewer motorcycle accidents in Illinois is a good sign. However, Chicago motorcycle accidents are still a concern, especially if you or a loved one are operators of motorcycles. Wearing a helmet and taking a motorcycle safety course are excellent safety precautions, but you cannot control other motorists. And if you are in a motorcycle accident in Illinois, you are far more likely to suffer catastrophic injuries or death than car and truck drivers. This is for obvious reasons – someone driving a car or truck has a seat belt and several other safety features, as well as steel and glass to protect them in the event of an accident. A motorcycle rider does not, especially if he or she is not wearing a helmet.

There is a perception that motorcycle riders are reckless, or that if they are involved in an accident they are at fault. However, many Chicago motorcycle accidents are caused by road hazards (potholes and poorly maintained roads) or negligent drivers. In this case, individuals injured in motorcycle accidents in Illinois should contact a Chicago motorcycle accident attorney. Motorcycle accidents are completely different from other types of personal injury cases, and it is important to find a Chicago motorcycle accident attorney who has experience with your specific type of case.