Sadly, neglect in nursing homes happens far more often than it should. There are many warning signs, but many people are unsure what to do when they have concerns about elderly nursing home abuse or neglect in nursing homes. A nursing home abuse and negligence attorney in Illinois can help you determine your next steps, but here are some immediate actions you can take on your own:

If the danger is immediate, dial 911. If you suspect serious, life threatening abuse or neglect in nursing homes, dial 911.

Utilize the Eldercare Locator to find a local agency to help you. The Eldercare locator is a public service provided by the US Administration on Aging to help elderly people and their family access community based services in their area, including Adult Protective Services (see below).

Contact Adult Protective Services. According to the National Center on Elder Abuse, “Adult Protective Services (APS) are those services provided to insure the safety and well-being of elders and adults with disabilities who are in danger of being mistreated or neglected…” It is their responsibility to take reports of abuse, neglect, etc. and investigate them. In most cases, a social worker will take a report and go through the following steps:

• Investigate the report
• Assess the victim’s risk and their mental capacity
• Develop a plan
• Arrange emergency care and assistance
• Evaluate

Find a nursing home abuse & negligence attorney in Illinois or your area. Once the immediate risk has been addressed and your loved one is out of harm’s way, a nursing home abuse attorney can advise you of your next steps. Depending on the type of neglect or abuse, you may be able to take legal action on behalf of your loved one.

The best way to prevent neglect in nursing homes is to report nursing home neglect to the appropriate authorities. They will insure that your report is taken seriously and any responsible parties are dealt with immediately. Most importantly, they will remove your loved one from harm’s way and help prevent others from abuse and neglect in nursing homes.

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