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When a person is injured by another person or entity, and that injury is the result of negligence, a personal injury claim may be warranted. Although accidents are common, negligence has occurred when a person fails to do what another reasonable person would have done under the same circumstances. As many as half of all personal injury claims are the result of an auto accident – this includes truck, motorcycle, bus, train, boat, pedestrian, bicycle and ATV accidents.

The remainder of personal injury claims is made up of medical malpractice injuries, product liability or dangerous drug injuries, slip and falls, and “other” injuries – such as dog bites, nursing home abuse, or construction accidents. While many people believe that a significant number of personal injury claims are frivolous in nature, in reality, most personal injury suits are the result of moderate to severe injuries.

How Your Illinois Personal Injury Claim Will Proceed

While there is no such thing as an “average” personal injury lawsuit, the vast majority of personal injury cases will end through a settlement agreement rather than litigation. Both sides essentially determine what they believe the case to be worth, taking into consideration what a jury might award, should the case go to trial.

Settlement offers will likely go back and forth for weeks, or even months, after similar cases are looked at to determine the average damage award. Any unique circumstances will be factored in, and, on the insurance company’s side, they will look at their list of predetermined settlement amounts based on injury levels and type of accident. If no amount can be agreed upon by both sides, then litigation is inevitable.

Illinois Facts Regarding Personal Injury

There are some basic facts regarding personal injury cases, including:

  • A quick settlement offer from an insurance company will most always undervalue your claim;
  • Ensuring that you have an experienced Chicago personal injury attorney by your side can significantly alter the outcome of your case;
  • Personal injury cases rarely settle quickly, and if the case goes to trial, expect it to take up to two years to resolve;
  • Personal injury cases which go to trial are likely to receive a larger settlement; and
  • It is crucial that you contact a personal injury attorney quickly, to allow for the attorney to collect evidence to support your claim while it is still available.


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