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Every year, millions of people fall victim to dog attacks. These attacks can be horrifying, leaving the victim with physical scars and, oftentimes, emotional damage. Most dog bite victims are children, and many have to seek reconstructive and reparative surgery to heal fully. Even a small dog can cause serious injuries such as finger amputation, scarring, infection, or blindness. The potential for injury greatly increases when larger dogs attack. Large dogs can cause nerve damage, amputations, major scarring, pain disorders, emotional trauma, and even death.

If you or a family member has suffered a dog attack, a dog bite personal injury lawyer from Malman Law will give you the necessary assistance and deserved legal guidance. We are adept at rallying our resources and knowledge to see that you get justice and fair compensation.

What can I do to protect my rights after being attacked by a dog?

The more information you have regarding the dog, the owner, and the circumstances of the attack, the better prepared your attorney will be in determining whether you have a case and what your damages may be. Some steps you will want to take include:

  • Obtaining the names and phone numbers of the dog’s owner and witnesses.
  • Seeking medical attention if you need it.
  • Reporting the incident to animal control authorities.

Who is liable for my injuries?

Illinois law provides that anyone who owns, harbors, or keeps any dog is liable for injuries to people caused by that dog – whether by a bite or not – without negligence on the part of the defendant. A key element in Illinois dog bite law provides that those who are attacked must not have provoked the dog and must be conducting themselves peaceably in a place where they may lawfully be.

It is also possible to impose liability on animal control departments and other public entities that have failed to take action against dangerous dogs. Liability can sometimes fall on landlords and homeowners associations, if the proper elements are proven.

Depending on the situation, there may be an exception to liability for the dog bite. These exceptions might apply if the victim:

  • was trespassing
  • was a veterinarian or canine professional who was treating the dog at the time of the incident
  • was committing a felony or other crime against the owner of the dog
  • provoked the dog by physically abusing it
  • assumed the risk of being bitten

If you sustain an injury while escaping an aggressive, ferocious dog, the law protects you. Illinois is a “first bite” state, which implies that even if a dog bites somebody for the very first time, the victim has the right to seek damages.

The dog bite injury attorneys at Malman Law have the experience to understand the complexity of these types of cases and the number of potential liable parties. Contact us as soon as possible so that we can help you to protect yourself and your legal rights.

What are my legal rights?

In addition to damage awards based on actual dog bites, Illinois law provides for emotional distress damages. Emotional distress refers to the mental pain and suffering brought about by actually being attacked by a dog, being in the “zone of danger” where you fear for your own safety, or even witnessing a loved one being attacked by a dog.

Determining the amount of compensation for a dog attack victim is a complicated task that requires the knowledge and experience of an attorney. We have a proven track record of success in estimating damages that include a multitude of categories including:

  • Current and future medical treatment
  • Psychological counseling
  • Loss of earnings from work or loss of profits at the victim’s business
  • Loss of future earning capacity as a result of disfigurement or disability
  • Torn clothing and broken glasses
  • Medications
  • Pain and suffering
  • Future disability

In spite of the clarity of the law concerning dog bites in Illinois, an efficient case demands the assistance of a competent Chicago dog bite personal injury lawyer. Over the years, our dog bite attorneys at Malman Law have handled thousands of cases of differing degrees of complexity.

A dog attacked me – how do I know if I have a case?

In Illinois, a person attacked by a dog can recover damages against the dog’s owner, or those acting as the dog’s custodian, if the following is proven:

  • the dog caused the injury,
  • the defendant owned the dog,
  • the injured person did not provoke the attack,
  • the injured person was acting in a peaceful manner at the time of the injury, and
  • the injured person was in a place where he or she had a legal right to be at the time of the injury.

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