Chicago, IL OBGYN Malpractice Lawyers

Obstetricians and gynecologists are trusted with women’s reproductive health, as well as the health and safety of unborn children. From conception through delivery, OBGYNs are expected to provide quality medical care and preventative treatment to both mother and baby.

Did your OBGYN practitioner fail to meet acceptable standards of care? Did you undergo an operation or procedure that was later found to be unnecessary? Was your disease or condition not diagnosed and treated within a reasonable time frame? If you have experienced a situation where you did not receive the proper care, leading to injury or illness, it makes sense to speak to one of our qualified Chicago medical malpractice lawyers. We care about you, your quality of life, and that of your child. We have been fighting for the rights of the injured since 1994, and we can help you get the compensation you deserve.

Unfortunately, thousands of women are injured every year by negligent OGBYNs and supporting staff. The consequences of OBGYN medical malpractice are often dramatic and life altering. They can include loss of reproductive ability, birth defects, or a severe birth injury to your child (such as cerebral palsy).

What is OBGYN Medical Malpractice?

Medical malpractice is generally defined as any direct action (either with or without the patient’s consent) that causes harm. Malpractice can also be seen as lack of action – failure to diagnose, delayed diagnosis, or inappropriate medication or treatment. This can be due to miscommunication between physician and technicians, misunderstanding of complicated medical issues related to pregnancy and birth, or general neglect or carelessness from an overworked medical staff.

Examples of OBGYN malpractice may include:

  • Failure to provide a pap smear
  • Failure to have emergency procedures in place during surgery or childbirth
  • Over or under medication
  • Failure to test for fetal diseases such as Down’s syndrome or cerebral palsy
  • Failure to screen for serious conditions
  • Misinterpreting diagnostic test results
  • Failure to diagnose a serious condition such as cervical cancer, breast cancer or tubal pregnancy
  • Surgical errors during a C-section, hysterectomy, tubal ligation or other procedure

As in all medical malpractice cases, to provide proof that an OBGYN’s inattention led to your injury, credible medical professionals need to show specific evidence of mistakes that took place. And that’s just what our Chicago malpractice attorneys can do. Our on-staff physician (also a lawyer) can perform an examination and identify signs of negligence.

Don’t get overwhelmed with medical bills, pain and frustration. If you have suffered an injuries or condition because of the improper medical care of an OGBYN, then you have the legal rights to compensation. At the Law Offices of Steven J. Malman& Associates, P.C, Chicago, Illinois, our highly experienced medical malpractice lawyers will help you to get maximum repayment and support you deserve.

To better serve our clients, Malman Law employs a full time Registered Nurse with over 30 years experience working and operating various nursing homes throughout Chicagoland. Our nurse is dedicated to reviewing all of the nursing home and medical malpractice cases to assist in the prosecution of the cases.

Our personal injuries attorney will meet with the medical professionals who worked with you, and collaborate with medical specialists that can serve as eyewitness for your case. We will make sure you and your child get the care you need.

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