Black Ice May Be to Blame for Recent Illinois Auto Accidents

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Black Ice May Be to Blame for Recent Illinois Auto Accidents

Written by Malman Law, reviewed by Steve J. Malman.

State troopers are reporting that black ice may be to blame for a string of recent auto accidents in Illinois, which have left several people injured and at least three dead. Though the sun is shining around Chicago, car accidents caused by black ice are still a serious threat, and drivers not exercising caution can suffer fatal consequences.

Did Black Ice Cause These Illinois Auto Accidents?

Black ice may have been a major contributing factor to several recent high-profile car accidents in Chicago and across Illinois. Early Sunday morning, a vehicle traveling on I-90 struck a light pole, killing two passengers inside. Later that same morning, a pick-up truck traveling on route 173 left the road and flipped over, killing one and injuring two others.

State troopers have said that black ice could be a contributing factor in these crashes, and that ice caused a number of other issues on major roadways Sunday morning.

Is Black Ice a Common Cause of Auto Accidents Around Chicago?

Black ice is dangerous because it presents the illusion of a clear, safe road, when in fact the roadway is anything but. This thin, slick sheet of ice is difficult to see, and together with sunny weather conditions, can make it seem as though the road isn’t icy at all.

Across Illinois (and particularly Chicago), auto accidents caused by dangerous driving on black ice are a serious threat. The high level of precipitation here, along with the extreme cold and fluctuating temperatures, can create thin, clear layers of ice on roadways that leave motorists spinning out and causing collisions.

What If I’ve Been in an Auto Accident?

Unfortunately, factors like sunshine can make it difficult to spot black ice before it’s too late, particularly when you’re driving at high speeds. This is why it’s critical that drivers continue to exercise extreme caution, even if the roads appear to be clear and safe.

Speeding and reckless driving are always illegal, but when weather conditions like black ice make the roads more dangerous than usual, an unsafe driver is even likelier to cause an auto accident here in Chicago. A driver traveling over the speed limit may be more likely to lose control on black ice, to peel out while navigating a turn, or to fail to stop in time when approaching an intersection or a crosswalk.

If you’ve been involved in an accident that you suspect was caused by another driver’s reckless behavior behind the wheel, you deserve a proper investigation. If another driver injured you or someone you know because they were speeding or failing to drive safely in dangerous weather conditions, a legal representative can help you.

Contact one of our Chicago auto accident attorneys at Malman Law for a free consultation, and learn your options for pursuing your case.

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