Can You Go 5 Miles Over The Speed Limit?

Friday, March 24, 2023

Can You Go 5 Miles Over The Speed Limit?

Written by Malman Law, reviewed by Steve J. Malman.

When driving somewhere in a hurry, it is common to reason with the speed limit and justify going a little bit faster. After all, what could be the harm in driving just five miles over the legal limit? Most people will do this anyway, right? While it might seem like no big deal to drive over the speed limit, the limit is set in place for a reason.

Whether you are on a city street or on a major interstate, speeding is a dangerous behavior that can result in serious car accidents. Discuss your situation with a car accident attorney in Chicago today.

Dangers of Speeding Even a Slightly

Although driving just five miles over the limit might not seem like a big deal, the state of Illinois has strict laws when it comes to speeding. These are put in place to protect other motorists, cyclists, and pedestrians who all share the road. While you might avoid getting a ticket if you are pulled over for speeding slightly over the limit, there could be serious trouble if you are in an accident while speeding, as you might be held liable for reckless driving.

The police have many tools, such as radar, to monitor the speed that a vehicle is traveling. Some of the penalties if you are caught speeding in Chicago, and surrounding areas include:

  • Steep fines for driving even one mile over the speed limit.
  • License suspension
  • Assigned points on your license
  • Potential jail time

Zones to Watch Your Speed

While speeding of any kind is illegal, there are certain areas where fines and penalties are increased for those who are caught driving over the limit. These are some of the zones that are typically monitored more strictly than others:

School Zones: The area near a school will often have a “school zone” designation with signs that indicates double fines during certain times of the day or when lights are flashing. Increased fines are meant to help protect children and pedestrians during school hours, especially before and after school when foot traffic is heaviest.

Construction Zones: Another area that often posts double fines for speeding is construction zones on the highway. Construction often requires workers to move in and out of the lanes setting up traffic cones and operating equipment. These zones post lower speed limits with higher fines in order to keep construction workers in the area safe.

Neighborhood Streets: Chances of hitting and injuring a pedestrian or a biker on a narrow residential street are increased when speeding in these neighborhoods. For this reason, speed limits are often much lower than in higher-traffic areas.

Call a Chicago Car Accident Attorney As Soon as Possible

If you have been injured in a car accident and believe that someone else is at fault, it is helpful to understand all of your options. At Malman Law, we are dedicated to fighting for our clients’ right to just compensation. Don’t delay; give us a call today or schedule an appointment online to learn more about how we can help.

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